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I just started up an old Chrompack GC (CP9001) with FID Detector and capillary column (0,32ID). Lately we've been running IPA/BTA diluted 100:1 with water (99% water:1% IPA/BTA).
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  • (When using an FID) Lower the column to the correct position (2- 3 mm below the tip of the jet).
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  • This Information Applies To: Agilent GC Systems Issue Peak fronting is present in a chromatography peak when it has an excessive.
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    The GC is 7890A.

  • 1) Isooctyl alcohol contains several peaks that elute over a time range of 1 minuteA solution of 1 mL of 1:99 dimethyl formamide:carbon.
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    Corrosion in FID Collector and Ignitor Glow Plug 33 FPD Does Not Ignite 34 NPD Adjust Offset Process Fails 36 NPD Bead Will Not Ignite 37.

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  • Column too close to flame.
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    The GC is 7890A.

  • 3% over the range of 0.
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    Sep 9, 2013 · Wide solvent peak GC-fid.

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    (for example: hexane).