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  • The default GraphQL::Pagination::ActiveRecordRelationConnection (which turns an ActiveRecord::Relation into a GraphQL-ready connection) uses offset as a cursor.
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  • The GraphQL API here uses a "switch" pattern, as the same API is also used to search for discussions, issues, users, and repositories.
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  • It looks up the cursor in the database index, then jumps.
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  • It looks up the cursor in the database index, then jumps.
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    For forward pagination, there is 'first' which defines the.

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    May 16, 2023 · An edge is a connection between nodes, and contains the important cursor field, which is used for pagination, as you'll see later.

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    Example: students (limit:5, afterCusor:$cursor) returns a list of 5 students immediately following a cursor which marks a position in the.